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Proton Elic RB-1 M4

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  • INR 1900000.00 (Inclusive of custom duty)
  • Professional and Series

    The M-4 device has a fully digital sensor

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Professional and Series

The M-4 device has a fully digital sensor. The device magnetic sensor consists of three axes (x y z) axes automatic scanning, on the other hand, it is used when a visual touch is desired on the rear comand screen of the device.

For example; It can be scanned by unidirectional (z) axis scan or by adjusting different axes such as (x, y). This scanning device has comand signal intensity on the back of the device and there is a rising and falling signal oscillator. In metallic objects, it rises upwards and represents in red, which processes the fluent instantaneous signal.

In void or loose ground, it descends down the dark blue oscillator for formations such as light blue full space (room, tunnel, passage) and processes a fluid snapshot.

On the other hand, this scanning process and all of these processes can be viewed on the comand screen without connecting to a pc. The processed data is seen while the PC is connected.

The thermal sensor has a 64 pxs feature and the digital data is processed and the definition is very high.

In this scanning format, the device offers a high resolution live view of each point on the screen with a high resolution of 64 pxs equally on the rear comand screen of the device.

Superior Technology

When these scans are connected to a pc, the processed data can somehow differ (1,2) units in terms of values between the data received from the 3D visible comand screen and the pc, but the difference of the ground temperature of the scan with a full measure is visible in night scans and in wet ground, snowy ground, swamp In elements such as ground, thermal mode scanning will be far superior to gap detection.

Moreover, the sensitivity level of both sensors can be determined on the comand screen of the device when desired, and from a very dirty area, for example; It is a comfortable and smooth image when scanning in areas with waste metals and has many customizable features.

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