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  • For the past five years, BR 50 Target Max has been the premier choice for gold seekers and treasure hunters globally due to its outstanding performance and adaptability in locating underground valuables

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For the past five years, BR 50 Target Max has been the premier choice for gold seekers and treasure hunters globally due to its outstanding performance and adaptability in locating underground valuables.

BR 50 Target Max , is a superior model that integrates cutting-edge technology and enhancements from BR SYSTEM’s dedicated research team. This advancement has already empowered numerous prospectors around the world to meet their detection goals.

At BR SYSTEMS, we take immense pride in BR50 TARGET MAX as the pinnacle of professional detection equipment. It has been meticulously designed and crafted to serve as the leading instrument for both enthusiasts and professionals in their quest to discover gold, gems, and hidden treasures.

The device features an advanced intelligent calibration system that discerns the type of search area, ensuring optimal functionality in various terrains and providing accurate detection results.


BR50 TARGET MAX has been thoughtfully designed to feature a sleek and efficient structure, which enhances portability and user efficiency during detection operations.

BR50 TARGET MAX comes with a full suite of detection tools and accessories, all neatly packed in a portable bag that's perfect for rapid detection and exploration tasks.

We understand the importance of simplicity in operation for a detector's success, BR50 TARGET MAX is simple and easy to use, making it suitable for users of varying experience levels.

At BR Systems, we have invested considerable time in the rigorous research and testing of the signals that the BR50 TARGET MAX emits and receives, grounding our work in scientific research complemented by practical field testing.

Detector Features

The device comes with a durable rechargeable battery that is built to have a prolonged lifespan.

The device features a display that is designed to function well in both bright sunlight and dark environments.

It boasts swift and precise target location capabilities, thanks to its sophisticated detection systems.

Additionally, it offers customizable features such as vibration mode, adjustable screen brightness, and sound level control for a more personalized experience.

The device can distinguish between various targets and accurately determine their depths.

Furthermore, the device incorporates cutting-edge B.U.M. Automatic detection technology and G.L.Y. Laser guidance technology for enhanced performance.

Equipped with the innovative BRF signal filtering system, it ensures clear signal transmission by eliminating any interference at the exploration site, thereby concentrating on the genuine targets in the vicinity.

To cater to a global user base, the device supports multiple languages.

The device has been crafted to cater to the needs of prospectors, ensuring it is easy to use and operate without complications.


The device supports two advanced detection systems:

  • Long-Range Detection System
  • Ionic Search System
and these systems have been developed and supported by all modern technologies that enable the device to be a complete scientific detection method.

High-Accurate Detection Sensors

The device features highly accurate detection sensors that are compact and efficient, capable of identifying targets from extended ranges and swiftly processing the received signals.

The device boasts a sophisticated intelligent calibration system that can identify the nature of the search area, ensuring highly precise outcomes.

The technology utilized by the sensors in the device operates on the unique frequency of each target, ensuring highly accurate results.

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