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  • Wireless 3D Metal Detector and Ground Scanner with Touch Screen and Android Video Eye Glasses

    Cutting edge technology has come to metal detectors with the world's first 3d ground scanner

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Wireless 3D Metal Detector and Ground Scanner with Touch Screen and Android Video Eye Glasses

Cutting edge technology has come to metal detectors with the world's first 3d ground scanner. The eXp 6000 features wireless construction and can be controlled by either a touch screen, Android video eye glasses or an Android / Windows Tablet. The eXp 6000 features a multilingual control unit, GPS functionality, Telescopic Rod Assembly, and a variety of sensors. Use advanced technology to your advantage with the eXp 6000.


Warranty : 2 Year Limited

Total Weight : 2.98 lbs (1.35 kgs)

6 Operation Modes : Ground Scan, Tunnel Scan, Magnetometer, Mineral Scan, Pin Pointer and Live Scan

Touch Screen : Next to a Multi-Function Control Knob the Operator may use the Built-In Touch Screen of the eXp 6000. Thus Operating the Ground Scanner is Simple and Fast

Visualizer 3D : For Detailed In-Depth Analysis of Conducted Ground Scans, the eXp 6000 Offers the Option to Transfer its Data via USB Stick to a Computer with Visualizer 3D Software

Wireless Technology : Easy Handling without any Cables by Using Wireless WiFi Technology. All Probes are Transmitting Data Wirelessly to Telescopic Rod Assembly and Control Unit

GPS Navigation : Treasure Hunters who Conduct Many Scans May Enable the Internal GPS Tracker to Log GPS Coordinates along with the Scan Values. Thus they can Easily Find Back to the Measured Area

Multilingual GUI : Offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Many Different Languages to Support Best Understanding to its Operators. All Menu Elements and Dialogs are Translated into More than 12 Languages

Factory Included Accessories:

(1) USB Stick

(4) Power Pack

(1) Super Sensor

(1) Tunnel Sensor

(1) Telescopic Probe

(1) LiveStream Sensor

(1) Wireless Headphones

(1) External GPS Receiver

(1) eXp 6000 Control Unit

(1) Telescopic Rod Assembly

(1) Android Video Eye Glasses

(1) 3D Software (Visualizer 3D)

(1) Waterproof and Shock Resistant Peli Case

(2) Charger, Docking Station and Travel Adapter

*(Optional) Android / Windows Tablet PC

Powerful Treasure Hunting Ground Scanner with 3D Scan Images

The eXp 6000 ground scanner is OKM's top of the line 3d metal detector, an ultra-modern geophysical detection instrument to locate buried artifacts, lost treasures, subsurface anomalies, underground utilities as well as other hidden structures. It provides nondestructive examination methods to render graphical images of subterranean targets before excavation.

Based on practical experiences with the ancestors eXp 4500 and eXp 5000, the revolutionary release of the eXp 6000 ground scanner opens up new opportunities for serious treasure hunters, gold seekers, archaeologists, prospectors, ground research companies and metal detecting enthusiasts.

The eXp 6000 ground scanner is a perfect detection device with penetration depths high beyond usual metal detectors to locate buried subsurface anomalies. This 3d metal detector can be used for the following tasks and applications:

Prospecting Natural Gold Minerals

Pinpointing Valuable Artifacts and Treasure Finds

Ground Surveying Battlefields, Historic Settlements and Ancient Sanctuaries

Treasure Hunting of Buried Artifacts and Metal Items Made of Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze

Detection of Underground Non-Metal Anomalies like Walls, Foundations, Statues, Ancient Tombs, Caves, Sepulchers, Chambers, etc.

All components of the eXp 6000 including control unit, telescopic rod assembly and measuring probes are completely wireless and will connect to each other via WiFi. The integrated GPS receiver, that can be activated by the user, is able to store GPS coordinates along with the measured values. Thus you can use the GPS navigation features of the eXp 6000 to locate the areas of your recorded scans easily, even after a long time between ground survey and scan analysis.

Measuring Probes

The eXp 6000 metal detector comes with a variety of specialized measuring probes. Each measuring probe is equipped with an orientation sensor (gyroscope) that assists in conducting scan images of high quality. By keeping track of the probe's orientation the operator can immediately correct inclinations of the connected measuring probe while scanning the underground. The user will get a visual indication directly onto the screen or video eye glasses of the eXp 6000 as well as an acoustical signal.

Telescopic Probe:This very new and unique ground scanning probe was invented by OKM to reduce the amount of scanning probes as used with previously eXp detectors. Now the treasure hunter will utilize one single horizontal GPR probe that can be extended from 50 cm to 120 cm scanning width.

LiveStream Sensor:Due to its complex sensor design the LiveStream Sensor is operated to get a direct view into the underground. The measuring data will be streamed onto the display or the video eye glasses of the eXp 6000 to locate hidden objects and underground structures. Thus the operator of the metal detector receives quick information regarding what is buried beneath his feet in the underground soil.

Super Sensor:As the name of this measuring probe already implies, the Super Sensor is one of the most versatile ground scanning probe that can be used for additional operating modes like Pin Pointer (with metal discrimination) and Mineral Scan (detection of natural gold occurrences).

Tunnel Sensor:The Tunnel Sensor has been designed to locate underground hollow spaces like tunnels, caves, sepulchers, dugouts, bunkers, shelters, tombs and the like. Thus it can be used to detect non-metallic changes within the subsurface soil.

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