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  • INR 350000.00 (Inclusive of custom duty)
  • A professional 3D metal detector developed primarily for the location of gold and large metal objects buried deep underground

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A professional 3D metal detector developed primarily for the location of gold and large metal objects buried deep underground. GEOSENSIS X3 features a favorite, minimal and proven user interface. Just one RESET key used for ground adjustment.

Only 3 preset controls for: Volume, Sensitivity of Audio ticks & Rejection of metal trash. Operation is as simple as possible. Χ3 functions are user friendly for the unexperienced and familiar for those already associated with PI gold detectors.

GEOSENSIS X3 advantage over its predecessor PULSE STAR II is the Pulse Boost. Boost enables amplification over weak target signals that would otherwise be missed. To achieve this GDI technicians implemented higher power transmit pulses and shorter delay signal receiving filters that increase sensitivity and depth even further!.


The frame coils of GEOSENSIS X3 pulse detector have the novelty of being circular and collapsible for easy transportation and storage. Circular frame design has the benefit to increase sensitivity at depth, as the pulse induction electromagnetic field is focused into the center of the frame, unlike usual square frames that dissipate the signal to a wider area.

GEOSENSIS X3 frame coils, 1 x 1 meter square or 1,27 meters diameter round (standard equipment) or the 2 x 2 meters square or 2,56 meters diameter round (accessory) greatly improve both depth and ground coverage compared to the VLF detectors with small coils. Small size metal objects & near the surface trash, for example an iron nail, pull tab, gun shell etc. that trouble VLF detectors are ignored automatically when connecting frame coils tο GEOSENSIS X3.


GDI SUPER PROBE pinpointer comes as standard with GEOSENSIS X3 KIT equipment. Waterproof to 10 meters with standard 2,5 meters cable length (or 12 meters upon special order), will assist for an accurate target pinpointing into the excavation or at tight spots where large frames cannot be fit or dropped into.

Also for that purpose 2 round coils 36 cm & 45 cm diameter are available, with a 3 piece trapezoid stem telescopic pole, adjustable with clips.


GOSENSIS X3 is optimized and ready for the ICON DATA real time visualizer and data logger. ICON DATA is a sophisticated, compact data logger that converts X3 signals through its software into 2D or 3D target image on a computer screen. ICON DATA is a useful tool for understanding the target depth – shape. The scanning is done as the user walks in the predefined area grid with a pace set by the ICON DATA program.

Τhere you will find many professional options for scan direction arrow selections, grid dimensions of the scan area, automatic data capture for flat surfaces that permit a constant pace. Otherwise choose manual data logging in uneven terrain with obstacles, where a steady pace cannot be kept. The program prompts with voice to start, move, turn to the next scan line or stop walking. The graph is displayed as 2D or 3D. Provides probable target depth, zoom, filters, rotate and export of the edited image to bmp, jpeg formats or printer.


  • GEOSENSIS X3 KIT version utilizes a 4 meter circumference cable coil as standard equipment that can be mounted to a large frame 1 x 1 meter size, for the purpose to locate larger metal objects at greater depths compared to the capabilities of small round coil VLF detectors.
  • With the big coils larger areas can be covered in less time. The coil is mounted into a lightweight frame (pvc tubes). The frame can be ordered or constructed easily. During searching 2 users are required, one to carry the frame coil and another to control the main unit.
  • The supplied cable coils are not part of a critically balanced circuit as with VLF detectors, therefore they can be formed into any shape or large size, to increase depth considerably.
  • A compensated (crossed, like the shape of “8”) coil cable can be formed by the user, to eliminate electromagnetic interference signals.
  • There is a time delay into the coil between the phases of the pulse transmit and signal receive, that permits the detector to operate with higher transmit power.
  • Small metal objects, like scrap bottle caps, pull tabs, aluminum foil, single coins are ignored when the large coils are used.
  • GEOSENSIS X3 remains a very easy to use metal detector with only 4 simple control knobs, from these only RESET is required frequently during searching to cancel ground signal.
  • SUPER PROBE pinpointer comes with GEOSENSIS X3 KIT standard equipment, the probe operates in cracks, voids, hollow spaces, wells or for a more accurate pinpointing with metal discrimination.
  • Frame coil 2 x 2 m. covers 4 times the area of the standard frame, offers 30-40% increase on depth penetration for large objects and less sensitivity to small targets.
  • Available coil options are SUPER PROBE 4 cm diameter x 20 cm long, round coils diameter 36 & 45 cm, cable coils that can be mounted into square or round frame coils 1 x 1 , 1,5 x 1,5 m., 2 x 2 m., all waterproof and submersible under water.
  • Ferrous / Non Ferrous metal discrimination for objects larger than 10 x 10 cm (with cable coil).
  • Operation is simplified as the internal reset adjustments are made automatically with power on.
  • Reset to the changes of ground mineral conditions requires only to press RESET.
  • Targets are indicated by a backlighted signal meter and VCO audio that increases in frequency as the coil approaches over the target.
  • VCO audio has a very wide range so that the frequency is still increasing progressively even with the coil positioned very near the target spot as an aid for accurate pinpointing.
  • Compatible with the ICON DATA logger for real time target imaging in 2D / 3D graphics.

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