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Quick Description: 4 lines, 16 columns, 64 pixels thermal camera.It can see the thermal differences in the angle of view at a resolution of 64 pixels. Viewing angle is 60 degrees.

MAGNETIC SENSOR: The magnetic sensor measures the DC magnetic field strength at its location. Each sensor measures the magnetic field strength in the axis it is looking at.Istem. The system can be selectively operated thermally or magnetically. After collecting the data from all sensors, the data is sent to the computer software via bluetooth Transfers.

RotProton Elic LB-2 detects a depth of 1000 meters and a depth of 50 meters depending on the size of the object under the correct operating conditions.IndaIn a computer environment, the camera in the center of a sphere looks into the shell of the sphere from the inside and paints the inner surface of the sphere's shell to the corresponding color according to the received sensor information.UThis situation allows the separation of numerical values ??for each metal object in the software environment.EnkIn short, the metal objects are red, the space is blue and the earth is green.

POSSIBILITIES AND CAPABILITIES: Hand-buried underground or formed by carving on natural ground, such as tunnels, rooms, cavities, such as formations and metal objects can be identified clearly.

Model Name/Number - Proton Elic LB-2

Brand - Proton Elic Detectors

Usage/Application - under ground gold detection

Range - >10 meter

Color - Grey

Operating Temperature - 48

Additional Information:

Item Code: lb2

Production Capacity: 5

Delivery Time: week days

Packaging Details: Box Packing

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