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The GOLD ID-XL is a mid-range professional gold detector, easy-to-use and ideal to search for low-lying gold findings.

Compared to traditional metal detectors with metal discrimination, GOLD-ID users have the benefit that not only the conductivity value is displayed, but also the type of metal appears on the display, such as "GOLD" for gold, "COPP" for copper and "ALU" for aluminum.


1. active metal discrimination with metal type indicator

2. can be used worldwide, even on saline and highly mineralized soils

3. Waterproof search coils and 1 x 1 meter search frame included

4. easy handling without special training

5. sturdy construction

6. adjustment to the actual soil condition

7. search performance up to 5 meters

8. acoustical and optical metal discrimination

9. optional use of speakers or headphones

10. without built-in GPS modules

11. operation without computer or software

12. PI detector Made in Germany

Electronic unit

The electronic unit is housed in a rugged enclosure.

The device is controlled via four control elements

"POWER" ON-/OFF switch

"RESET" automatic zero balance

"AUDIO" volume control

"FREQ" frequency adjustment

Display presentation of metal type and conductivity (ID)

The handling of GOLD ID-XL is quite simple:

Complicated adjustments or selection of special search modes are not necessary. GOLD ID-XL is ready after POWER switch is started and RESET button is pressed.

Due to the active metal distinction a constant metal discrimination without program change takes place.

25 cm search coil

25 cm search coil for small metal objects (waterproof)

25 cm search coil

25 cm search coil for small metal objects (waterproof)

1x1 m PVC search frame

Scan huge areas rapidly! Search for medium and large metal objects. Can be operated by 1 or 2 persons.

Battery and charger

Built-in 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery, running time 4 - 8 hours, depending on the used coil and headphones. Charger 220 V and 110 V adapter.

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