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images/products/Pundit_Pulse_Echo/pundit Ultrasonic


Structural imaging, object and defect detection using ultrasound pulse echo

  • Image clarity in the near field and at superior depths
  • Complete on-site structural assessment with A.I. support and various visualization modes (including AR)
  • Unbeatable on-site productivity thanks to superior ergonomics and digital workflows


Location of subsurface defects of concrete / Measurement of thickness of concrete elements / Determination of concrete pulse velocity for homogeneity and strength estimation

Delivery Partners:

Wireless Ultrasonic Imaging with Augmented Reality and Intelligent Features


Wireless inspection solution with on-site, high-resolution 3D imaging using pulse echo technology and efficient cloud storage for your data.

Future readiness

Extendable probe powered by ever-evolving software, smartly complements your Proceq GPR to expand your inspection capabilities.


Ultimate peace of mind delivered by A.I.-assisted positioning and data interpretation. Gain insights fast with immediate data visualization and easy report creation.

Bandwidth 20-80 kHz
Technology Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo
Measuring Resolution 0.1 us
Pulse Voltage ±50 to ±150 V (UPE)
Receiver Gain 1 to 10'000 (0 to 80 dB)
Nominal Transducer Frequency 40 kHz
Pulse Shape Square Wave
Pulse Delay 8 ms-200 ms
Number of Channels 8 (with upgrade option to 16)
Connections Encrypted Wi-Fi connection to Apple® iOS tablet,
USB port for Wi-Fi module
Report Generation Cloud synchronization
Share via URL
Cloud-enabled logbook
Cloud-based raw data export
Cloud-based HTML export
Cloud-based report generation
Measurement Modes Line scan
Stripe Scan
Measuring Range Up to 2 m / 6.6 ft in depending on concrete quality
Battery Battery pack, 6x AA (NiMH), flight-safe
Transducers Dry-contact images/products/Pundit_Pulse_Echo/pundit Array transducer with auxiliary LCD display and control buttons on handles

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