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    This device contains all specifications that may be needed by the prospectors for treasures and burials, to be ranked firstly among all imaging tomography detectors

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This device contains all specifications that may be needed by the prospectors for treasures and burials, to be ranked firstly among all imaging tomography detectors.

The elegant and comfortable design has the main role to easily use , in addition to 2D and 3D systems that forms metal and voids models under the ground immediately.

Royal Basic with new 3D imaging system, this device is considered as one of the easiest devices with 3D analytical system at all. Compared with all traditional detectors available on the market, this device has been made without any need to carry a computer or any operations to connect with a laptop as simply characterized its use therefore anybody can use it without any experience.

In addition to avoid any electrical emissions or waves that may harmful to humans or the environment.

Imaging and analysis program:

Royal's program that is installed on the screen works with two systems for research and imaging

The first system: 3D imaging system :

Through this program, we can do imaging processes (3D) for metals and caves located underground, where it is show the depth directly to any target discovered with ID number of the targets to be easier to distinguish between their types, in addition to more details in the user manual of the device, with possibility to save captured images those obtained in searches and review them any time. We can choose search in this system (3D) either automatically or manually, all of this at one touch button are selected search method that we want.

The second system:

direct imaging system (2D): where it can captured images for the metals and caves underground, preferably using this system to scan large areas before running 3D system which can save time.

The New Technology

Because the wheel of development and modernization will not stop, so must for the US company (BR SYSTEM) which specialized to make metal detectors and scientific machines to keep up with modernity and creativity, where its products become best-selling and widely used in the world, and continued creativity to produce the latest imaging device (ROYAL BASIC)

Modern techniques, high experience and typical designs are what make this company the first in the world.

The main features of the device:

1. Simplicity with outstanding performance as follows:

  • The main screen was installed on device without any need for connectivity
  • One button to turn on the device and its screen together, where device's tablet will switch ON when the device is switch ON and the tablet is switch OFF when the device is switch OFF, and there are no needs to charging because the electrical system now common between the main unit of device and the tablet, where supplying the device and the tablet from external battery.
  • It also has been reduced control panel buttons to three choosing buttons only.

    2. Ease of Use:

  • This device is considered from the easiest devices, which working with 3D imaging system according all devices.

    3. The strong performance:

  • With this simplicity you can get the best results achieved to 18 meters as a real depth regarding age and size of the targets

    4. It is working by external rechargeable battery with strongly 12V enables the machine to work for 8 hours continuously.

    5. The Depth: to 18 meters as maximum depth.

  • Parts and components:

    The main bag of the device, which contains:

  • The main unit of the device that contains the screen which installed on device to show the survey directly, and comfortable touch keyboard to select the desired program by one touch.
  • Headset.
  • Rechargeable battery strongly 12 volts, with a special charger for it.
  • User Manuals (English).
  • Two years warranty.
  • Made In USA.

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