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PROTON ELIC DO-RADARHIGH SENSITIVITY - ULTRA RESOLUTION Proton series thermal precision detection is the only product in the world without any precedent for high resolution metal and gap detection. it can scan a range very conveniently.VASV Proton ELIC do-Radar is capable of shooting indoors, outdoors, day and night with a single button. ASV Proton ELIC Do-Radar scans the area to be shot in a very short time, and clearly determines the distance and depth of the target. ASV Proton ELIC Do-Radar can scan the vehicle on the move.

Usage/Application - under ground gold detection

Range - >10 meter

Model Name/Number - PROTON ELIC DO RADAR

Antenna Footprint - under ground gold detection

Features - 3D Live imaging

Brand - Proton Elic Detectors

Display - on screen live

Interface - Computer

Operating System - windows

Voltage - 12V

Additional Information:

Item Code: DORADAR

Production Capacity: 5

Delivery Time: week days

Packaging Details: Box packing

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