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EXP 6000

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Wireless 3d metal detector and ground scanner with touch screen and video eye glasses:

The eXp 6000 ground scanner and 3d metal detector is one of OKM's top of the line detecting tools for treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeologists, prospectors, gold seekers and ground surveyors. This detector is completely wireless and can be controlled by either touch screen, Android video eye glasses or Android Tablet PC's. It is the world's first 3d ground scanner that utilizes OKM's new invented Telescopic Probe that can be extended from 50 to 120 cm.

The very unique multilingual user interface and wireless measuring probes allow easy operation. The eXp 6000 uses Visualizer 3D software to analyze graphical scan ../images for detected objects and to determine depth and dimension of underground targets like ancient artifacts, precious treasures and historical items.

Characteristics and applications of the eXp 6000 ground scanner:

The eXp 6000 ground scanner and 3d metal detector is designed for treasure hunters, archaeologists, prospectors and gold seekers to locate buried artifacts, historical items, lost treasures and hidden objects:

precious metallic objects like gold, silver, copper and bronze

hidden non-metallic structures such as ancient tombs, caves, walls, foundations, statues, chambers and sepulchers

natural gold minerals

valuable artifacts and lost treasure

battle field artifacts, historic settlements and ancient sanctuaries

All components of this geophysical measuring instrument are wireless. The measuring probes of the eXp 6000 are using WiFi to establish a wireless data connection to the 3d detector. Assembling the unit is as easy as 1-2-3. The ground scanning system mainly consists of the following parts:

Control Unit:

with touch screen, multilingual GUI (graphical user interface) in different layouts, automatic brightness control and GPS (can be activated by the user)

Telescopic Rod Assembly:

to connect one of the following measuring probes:

Telescopic Probe:

This very new invented measuring probe can be extended from 50 to 120 cm and is perfectly designated to scan even large areas as well as small fields. From now on the operator don't need to carry around many probes in different sizes.

Super Sensor:

This specialized ground measuring probe is one of the best ground scanner accessories on the market. By using this antenna discrimination and pin pointing of buried objects is possible with ease.

Tunnel Sensor:

This measuring probe can be mounted to the 3d metal detector to detect hidden tunnels, chambers, cellars, shelters, caves and many other cavernous targets.

LiveStream Sensor:

This ground scanning probe will stream measuring data directly onto the display of the eXp 6000 to see underground objects "live". So the operator of the 3d ground scanner can quickly survey a large area to find potential targets underground.

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